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Are London cyclists more likely to report a theft?

Halfords bike theft Wordle

Last week Going Going Bike reported that bike crime costs British cyclists £80m a year. Word spread across the cycling community, but the focus has shifted solidly away from money matters.


07/05/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

A London cyclist’s loss: two bikes in one month

Stolen Bicycles

Bikes are at risk from a new kind of thief. Zoe Holman, an Australian PhD student living in London, lost two bikes in April, to two very different professionals. READ ON

21/04/2011 // INFO 7 Comments

Cycle Task Force introduce harsh punishments for bike thieves

Cycle Task Force

The prosecution rate for bike thieves has fallen to as little as two per cent. But that could soon be changing, with the Cycle Task Force pushing for thieves to be punished for the entirety of their criminal careers. READ ON

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How to keep your lovely bike safe

2 Good Locks

Going Going Bike are passionate about keeping bikes safe. No bike should ever be stolen. Below are our top tips for bike security below. Follow them and (hopefully) remain happily united with your bikes! READ ON