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Sustrans launches cycle network iPhone app


Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has launched a mapping app that details over 25,000 miles of walking and cycling routes in the UK. READ ON

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A sustainable legacy after the Olympics


One of the lesser known legacies of the London 2012 Olympics can be found on the outskirts of the main Olympic Site. The Olympic extension of London’s Greenway walking and cycling route was completed in early 2010. It was built on previous derelict land and runs parallel to the Olympic site. READ ON

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End of the line for NI helmet compulsion law?


Depending on your views on helmet compulsion, this is either good or bad news. It appears that the Parliamentary Bill going through the Northern Ireland Assembly at the moment, which would require cyclists to wear a helmet in any public place in the province, may run out of time to become law. READ ON

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Many more miles left for National Cycle Network to grow


The National Cycle Network has hit the 13,000 mile mark which is not bad considering it was only started in 1995. When the first route, the 17 mile Bristol and Bath Railway Path, was completed, the original ambition was to create a 6,500 mile network. READ ON

16/08/2010 // INFO Redbridge Sky Ride