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Stolen bike returned to owner, 15 years after being stolen

Lonely Bike

Hand on heart and let us be honest most of us don’t expect to see our bikes returned to us after being stolen, so it is heartwarming to hear of the tale of a bike returned to an owner 15 years after she reported it stolen. READ ON

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The cost of bike theft

Bicycle Crime Scene

As cyclists, we’ve probably been a victim of bike theft or know someone who has. I’ve had a bicycle nicked, oddly enough from a secure location, which required a code to enter the premises.  READ ON

10/10/2010 // INFO 4 Comments

The importance of a bike register

Bike Register

Registering your bicycle with a bike register costs nothing and takes very little time but remarkably few cyclists seem to bother. Why is this and is registering a bike really worthwhile? READ ON