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31/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Night Riders…

Candlelight Bicycle

Whilst fumbling for my front door keys a few nights ago I saw, in the reflection of my house’s bay window, flickering lights behind me. I turned around, looking out into the dimly lit road framed by the darkness of the park beyond, to see a procession of dancing lights rolling along the road. READ ON

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Cycle Hiring is Go!

Row of Boris Bikes 2

My membership key has arrived in the post and I am now ready to get cycle hiring. However, because I am off on holiday for a week my first hire will have to wait. READ ON

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Going Going Bike – Fantasy Vuelta League


After all our efforts to create the best fantasy cycling team for the Vuelta a Espana in the Roadcc Fantasy Vuelta Competition we have got competitive. We’ve decided to challenge you to put together a better team and enter it in our league. READ ON

20/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Fantasy Vuelta 2010


Who would imagine that picking my fantasy team of riders for Road CC Fantasy Vuelta 2010 could be so exhausting? I feel mentally and physically drained. Almost as if I have completed stage 8 of this year’s race which heads up to Xorret de Catí via some 20% gradient roads. READ ON

16/08/2010 // INFO Redbridge Sky Ride
03/08/2010 // INFO Blue, Red or Green?