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Are you Britain’s biggest cycling fan?

Fan Cycling

Go Sky Ride is on the hunt for Britain’s Biggest Cycling Fan. READ ON

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Get social by finding friends to cycle with

Social Cycling

You and your bike shouldn’t be lonely on Bike Week but if you are and want to get out on a ride but have no one to go with then British Cycling and Skyride may be able to help you. READ ON

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Sky Ride and Breeze ride activity for 2012


As you may or not be aware, Go Sky Ride has announced its 2012 event schedule. This year’s schedule does not include a flagship London event due to the Olympics but many other big cities make a welcome return after the 2011 rides. READ ON

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Strong shortlist for Britain’s perfect cycling hill

Perfect Hill Sky Ride

A competition to find Britain’s perfect hill for cycling down has narrowed down the search to 10 locations. READ ON