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The cost of bike theft

Bicycle Crime Scene

As cyclists, we’ve probably been a victim of bike theft or know someone who has. I’ve had a bicycle nicked, oddly enough from a secure location, which required a code to enter the premises.  READ ON

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How to stop a bike thief 70s style


As the senior member of the Going Going Bike team, I’m old enough to remember Public Information Films of the 1970s. These generally low budget low quality short films were government commissioned films on a particular subject that ranged from issues such as surviving a nuclear attack, protecting the environment, to crime prevention. READ ON

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The importance of bike frame numbers

Frame Numbers

Put your hand up if you have kept a record of your bicycle frame number? I don’t hold out much hope for your hand being thrust into the air. Not only because that would be daft (we are not in a classroom) but more likely because statistically it is extremely unlikely that you will know your bike’s serial number, let alone have written it down and kept it somewhere safe. READ ON