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Jail time for man who listed stolen bikes on online classified ads


As you all know, Going Going Bike is the one place where you can be certain that any second hand bike listed for sale by a private seller is legitimately owned by that person. Our Prove It system has resulted in not a single stolen bike being sold on the site since our launch in 2010. READ ON

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Second hand bike shop idea catches thieves out


Cambridge is one of the most popular cities for cycling in the UK with above average participation figures. Being a mecca for cycling does however mean bike theft is also a problem. READ ON

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What is my bike worth?

How to sell my bike

In those quiet moments when you are looking lovingly at your bike stood against the wall, do you ever wonder to yourself, “how much is my bike worth?” It’s not an easy thing to know or determine.  There is no guide for used bike prices that could give you useful pointers on the perfect price for your bike as there is, for example, for used cars. READ ON

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Bikeworks Sprint Auction review


After a first minute bid, it was looking for a long time as though it was going to be a walk in the park for bensmac. However, Granite and Grahills had other ideas and some frenetic late bidding really brought the Sprint Auction to life. READ ON