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Used bike buyers buy more

Used Bicycles

As a business that gives a platform to people to sell their used bikes and attracts a large amount of traffic for people looking to buy second hand bikes, we were delighted to read of some research from across the water in the US that owners of used bikes there ride more, buy more bicycle-related apparel/accessories, and visit bike shops more often than owners of bikes that have been bought new. Used bike owners also ride their bikes to work more often than owners of new bikes. READ ON

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Shop sells customer’s bike

Bike Outside Shop

The following story from Sweden is funny in a way though I’m sure the ladies involved were not exactly laughing at the time. Having cycled to a second-hand charity shop in Gävle in eastern Sweden, two friends found that the charity shop had sold one of their bicycles while they were inside shopping. READ ON

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Second hand Super Bike!

Claud Butler Sam Remo

As the last remnants of summer draw to a close and with it a pause in the Sprint Auction, we have one final item up for grabs. READ ON

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Bikeworks Sprint Auction review


After a first minute bid, it was looking for a long time as though it was going to be a walk in the park for bensmac. However, Granite and Grahills had other ideas and some frenetic late bidding really brought the Sprint Auction to life. READ ON

05/05/2011 // INFO Wanted: Rusty 3