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16/02/2012 // INFO 1 Comment

Edinburgh shows the way on investment into cycling


A recent decision by Edinburgh Council to spend at least a minimum 5% of its transport budget on cycling bodes well for Edinburgh’s unofficial title as the best place to cycle in the UK. READ ON

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Scottish cyclists urged to protest against budget cuts

Scotland Active Travel Cuts Spokes

Edinburgh’s cycle advocacy group Spokes is urging anyone who cares about cycling and walking in Scotland to attend an up-coming protest in Edinburgh on January 11 against cuts to the active travel budget in the Scottish Government’s forthcoming budget. READ ON

31/08/2011 // INFO 8 Comments

Scottish bus firm to allow bikes on buses

Bike Inside Bus

Cyclists will be allowed to put their bikes on buses in some Scottish bus routes in a pioneering trial from transport operator First Group. READ ON

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Taking your bike for a bus ride


In a marriage of sustainable transport, the Canadian city of Montreal is the latest North American city to allow its public bus transport to carry bikes. When we say bikes, we are not talking of the Brompton and Dahons of this world either. READ ON