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11/12/2010 // HOW TO, INFO 1 Comment

Peddling away male fertility?


That old conundrum of whether cycling affects the quality of a man’s fertility has reared its head again in the last few days (forgive the pun) following the release of results from a research project looking at sperm health and exercise in 2,200 men attending fertility clinics. READ ON

02/11/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Because our bums deserve it


While researching bike seats this last weekend for a future purchase, we came across some marketing gumpf for a product more commonly known as the Ass-O-Meter (the real name is the rather boring Body Geometry Saddle Fit System) on the net. We were intrigued and wondered what it was all about. READ ON

13/08/2010 // INFO Leave a comment

Bike accessories – some good, some bad

yes or no

Everyone has a favourite bike accessory or part. There are some bits of kit that just seem to make life so much easier / safer / more convenient etc! READ ON