Going Going Bike

May 312012
Bike Accident Crime Scene

British Cycling, the governing body of cycling sport in the UK, is increasingly showing its political teeth on cycling policy issues. The organisation has been very visible in lobbying the government on road safety and cycle safety issues recently and is now spearheading a campaign to make the justice system fairer for cyclists and other road users who are hurt or seriously injured on the country’s roads by car and lorry drivers. Continue reading »

Mar 262012

There is some good emerging from Scotland following a recent meeting over cycle safety in the country. Scottish Government Transport Minister Keith Brown has said his Government will support a range of pilot measures designed to protect cyclists on the roads to prevent future fatalities. Continue reading »

Feb 062012
Cities fit for Cycling

It has been a few days on since the launch of The Times “Cities Fit For Cyclists” campaign and there is no doubt that the campaign, unlike many before, has got overwhelming cyclist and public support through greatly increased awareness of the issue across print and online media. There has also been political momentum with cycling groups and the road safety lobby get their voices heard across to more people. Continue reading »