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01/04/2011 // INFO 3 Comments

Surrey residents obliged to repair potholes on Olympic Route

Residents to fight pothole law

Surrey County Council is intending to invoke emergency powers last used in WW2 to oblige residents to repair potholes along the Olympic Road Race Route. READ ON

16/02/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

Man attempts to cycle Delhi to Mumbai in 30 hours


Not wanting to stereotype Indian roads or motorists but I for one am wishing Vinod Punmiya the best of luck as he attempts to create a world record in cycling from Delhi to Mumbai, a distance of 1,485 km, in just 30 hours. READ ON

15/02/2011 // EVENTS, INFO Leave a comment

Cycling schedule for Olympic Games released


Overnight the full schedule of the Olympic Games was published and cycling will feature prominently in the first few days. READ ON

12/11/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Support at last for grass roots road racing?


Maybe some good news in the offing with regards to grass roots road racing in this country. Sport and Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson has said he will support efforts by British Cycling to resolve problems relating to staging efforts at grass root level. READ ON