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Aiding recovery after cycling and long rides

Post Ride Recovery

If you haven’t trained for a long bike ride (as I found out on our GGB Casual Ride last Sunday), the chances are that your muscles will be very sore the next day. It got us thinking here at GGB what is the best way to aid recovery after a long, hard ride. Is the usual casual cyclists’ post ride recovery strategy (ie visit to the pub) the best option? READ ON

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Internet plays its part in recovery of a stolen bike

Matt Craiglist Bike

When a bike is stolen, the internet is often the first port of call as you scour eBay, online classifieds and local markets in an attempt to recover your prized possession. READ ON

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The Endurance Coach: Eating for recovery

Endurance Coach

Another guest blog for GGB from Rebecca Dent, The Endurance Coach, www.theendurancecoach.com

Effective recovery is arguably the most important component to your training but often the most neglected and least planned. Recovery is the period of time where you reap the benefits of your training and the adaptations occur. READ ON