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The school run is easier with this bike

Emily Finch Cargo Bike

We really think all mum’s and dad’s doing their school runs in car should follow the example of Emily Finch from Portland, Oregon. READ ON

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Once a thief always a thief


We were amused by this little story in today’s Yorkshire Evening Post about a reformed thief who fronted a Police anti-burglary campaign only to find himself in trouble again for stealing a marked bicycle belonging to the POLICE. READ ON

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The modern hobby horse bike

Fliz 2

The James Dyson Award (he of the Dyson Vacuum cleaner fame) is an annual design competition that runs in 18 countries. Run by the James Dyson Foundation, its mission is to encourage the next generation of design engineers to be creative, challenge and invent. READ ON

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Riding in miniature

Riding small bike

We’re not quite what to make sure of the featured video in this blog but it is a piece of remarkable footage all the same READ ON