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Commuting by car or public transport can negatively impact health


Ever so occasionally you get these academic health studies that so justifies your reason to commute to work by bike. READ ON

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Bicycle wins Bristol commuter race

Cycle Bus Car

We all know cycling is the best way to commute to work. It can be quicker than car and public transport in some cities, especially for journeys that are less than five miles. READ ON

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35m Europeans use the bicycle as a means of transport


The bicycle is the primary means of transport for more than 35m Europeans, according to a European Union survey of the 27 countries that make up the trading block. READ ON

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Bounty of Boris

Cycle Hire Photo

Chatter aplenty today about the Bounty of Boris: the Superhighway and the cycle hire scheme. Boris’s great contributions to the city in his first term as The Mayor Of London (why all those caps?) Both schemes have their detractors and they are certainly not without their shortcomings. However, we must recognise that these are special times for cyclists in the capital. READ ON