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15/11/2010 // EVENTS, INFO 3 Comments

Lock it or lose it

Lock it or lose it

We all love our bikes. Lots and lots! There are few worse feelings than coming back to find a broken lock and your bike missing. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of bicycles get nicked by bike thieves every year. READ ON

11/11/2010 // EVENTS, INFO 1 Comment

Judges and prizes

Judges and Prizes

Every good competition needs cool prizes and expert judges. And luckily we have both! You can check out more info about them all here with links to their sites if you need more. Thanks to them all for their help with the competition. READ ON

10/10/2010 // INFO, STYLE Leave a comment

GGB has some new high vis friends

Proviz Helmet

We love high vis clothing as demonstrated by our t-shirts! Now with the clocks going back at the end of October, cycling accessory company Proviz has launched a revolutionary range of light-emitting products to ensure that cyclists are as visible as possible on the roads this winter. READ ON