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17/11/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

Police patrols at Box Hill after increase in cyclists using area

Box Hill

A couple of months back we reported on the tension between local police in Surrey and cyclists using the roads in the region. READ ON

18/10/2011 // INFO Leave a comment

Motorists and not just cyclists targetted in safety campaign


A complaint often made by cyclists is that police don’t appear to target motorists for bad driving in the same way that cyclists are targeted on frequent campaigns about breaking traffic laws or other misdemeanors. READ ON

11/10/2011 // INFO 26 Comments

Stop and proof campaign brings results


I’ve only been stopped once by police officers here in London to prove that the bike I was riding was indeed mine. I’m surprised police forces don’t do it more often as it can bring results in detecting bike theft like a recent campaign in Preston by Lancashire Police shows. READ ON

26/09/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

The bike that was stolen twice


We’ve featured many stories on these blogs about the recovery of a stolen bike with the police being closely involved but then not every Constabulary seems to be up with the law. READ ON