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Preview: Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves 2011. Credit: Pip Productions

BMX tricks in the shadow of the Olympic Park. A DJ and a generator. It sounds more street than Shakespeare, but all this can be found at Bicycle Thieves, the latest play to hit East London.


05/01/2011 // HOW TO, INFO 2 Comments

Fuelling your races: Part 2

Fueling your race

The following is a guest blog from Marc Lathwaite, The Endurance Coach, www.theendurancecoach.com

Last month in ‘Nutrition Part 1’ we talked about the 2 main fuel sources (fat and carbohydrate) and how you should optimise your body to burn fat, thereby allowing you to save precious carbohydrate stores. READ ON

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Top read blog posts of 2010

Most read blog posts in 2010

Since we began our blog in July we have posted 215 times. I know it’s not possible to keep up with all our posts so, to put all the best bits in one place for you, we have listed below the top 5 “most read” blog posts on Going Going Bike. READ ON

10/12/2010 // INFO, STYLE 2 Comments

5 Christmas gifts for cyclists: performance led

Christmas Gifts

These are our top five Christmas gifts for cyclists with a performance angle. It’s not the most expensive or newest kit out there, but it’s the stuff that I have chosen when I am trying to go fast or get inspiration to go fast. READ ON