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Aiding recovery after cycling and long rides

Post Ride Recovery

If you haven’t trained for a long bike ride (as I found out on our GGB Casual Ride last Sunday), the chances are that your muscles will be very sore the next day. It got us thinking here at GGB what is the best way to aid recovery after a long, hard ride. Is the usual casual cyclists’ post ride recovery strategy (ie visit to the pub) the best option? READ ON

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The Endurance Coach: Eating for recovery

Endurance Coach

Another guest blog for GGB from Rebecca Dent, The Endurance Coach, www.theendurancecoach.com

Effective recovery is arguably the most important component to your training but often the most neglected and least planned. Recovery is the period of time where you reap the benefits of your training and the adaptations occur. READ ON

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Checklist for what to do the night before a sportive

Sportive Preparation

On the evening before a sportive there is no time left for training but there is much still to be done to ensure the following day is a success. The hours before your event are all about the final preparations and making sure you arrive at the start line on time, with everything you need for the day ahead and in good spirits. READ ON

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Snacks to keep you pedalling on your bike ride

Food Glorious Food

What are the best snacks to keep you energised whilst out on a cycle ride? After asking people on Facebook and Twitter we have been able to compile a list of alternative snacks to the usual cycling specific nutritional bars and gels that you usually carry on a ride READ ON