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14/06/2011 // INFO, STYLE 4 Comments

Wearing a short skirt while cycling deemed a distraction


The New York Police Department (NYPD) has quickly grown a reputation for over zealous policing when it comes to perceived cycling offences in the city. This includes issuing tickets for not cycling in a marked bicycle lane and in one case a unicyclist performing on a pavement. READ ON

18/01/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

Politician wants all New York cyclists registered


Last week, we reported on how a US assemblywoman backed down on a proposal to introduce a licence plate for bicycles law in New Jersey after opposition to the law. READ ON

19/11/2010 // INFO 2 Comments

One wheel does not pave the way for unicyclist


As purveyors and evangelists of the two wheel cycle variety, here at Going Going Bike, we like to show our solidarity with our one wheel friends in the Unicycle fraternity. READ ON