Going Going Bike

May 012012
Ballot Box

Apologies in advance as this blog post will focus very much on London and the up coming Mayoral elections there. Cycling policy and safety in the capital is a major election issue for the first time with the candidates all eager to win the cyclist vote. The issue has become increasingly politicised over the last few years due to the number of cycling deaths on London’s streets. Continue reading »

Nov 102011
Female Cyclist

Today we have a guest blog from Hayes Thompson. Hayes is copywriter based in London, who has been cycling, motorcycling and driving on its roads for over 20 years. In the blog, Hayes wonders if his experiences and the statistics might mean that female cyclists and pedestrians need to pay more attention to road safety. Continue reading »

Nov 082011
TfL Dangerous Junctions

A cycle tour with a difference takes place on Saturday in London. It will involve up to 150 cyclists touring the capital’s 10 most dangerous junctions for bicycles to highlight what they believe is unnecessarily dangerous road designs. Continue reading »