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Voting with your bike! The London Mayoral Election

Ballot Box

Apologies in advance as this blog post will focus very much on London and the up coming Mayoral elections there. Cycling policy and safety in the capital is a major election issue for the first time with the candidates all eager to win the cyclist vote. The issue has become increasingly politicised over the last few years due to the number of cycling deaths on London’s streets. READ ON

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“Great Divide” ride aims to show destructive effect of the North Circular

Barnet Great Divide

Bit of a heads-up on a London-based protest ride though this takes place away from the recent battleground of better cycle safety within Greater London itself. READ ON

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Cycle safety debate reaches Parliament

London Cycle Protest

Going Going Bike along with 2,000 cyclists attended the Flashride to the Houses of Parliament yesterday that sought to highlight the strength of cyclists’ feelings in London and elsewhere about cycle safety in this country. READ ON

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London Mayoral candidates told to Go Dutch


It has been quite a few weeks for the subject of cyclist safety with a healthy political momentum growing from The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling Campaign. While The Times campaign has grabbed headlines it easy to forget initiatives like the London Cycling Campaign’s (LCC) Go Dutch campaign. READ ON