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02/11/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

Swiss parliament rejects kids helmet compulsion law


It appears to be a helmet news day on Going Going Bike today given our earlier piece about Australia. This time news from Switzerland where a government proposal to make children under 14 wear helmets when they cycle has been rejected by a parliamentary transportation committee. READ ON

01/08/2011 // EVENTS, INFO Leave a comment

Make time for play and cycling


This Wednesday is Playday, the national day for play for children. A number of nationwide events being held across the UK to encourage families to get outdoors and play. READ ON

15/07/2011 // INFO 2 Comments

MP aims to make cycle helmets compulsory for children


Though not as controversial as a wide ranging helmet compulsion law covering adults, Annette Brooke, Lib Dem MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, yesterday presented a Private Members Bill to Parliament that seeks to make it compulsory for those under 14 to wear cycle helmets. READ ON

25/06/2011 // INFO Leave a comment

Developing the next batch of cycling champions


British Cycling is hoping that its Go-Ride initiative will unearth the next set of British champions on the road and the track. READ ON