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06/06/2011 // INFO Leave a comment

Cyclist convicted of road rage attack


Road rage stories relating to cyclists almost inevitably feature a motorist going mad or physically attacking a cyclist. However, in a cautionary tale for all of us cyclists, a bike rider from Brighton has been sent to prison after being convicted for manslaughter for assaulting a motorist. READ ON

22/12/2010 // INFO 3 Comments

The fairy tale of Vail


Today brings an update to a blog entry that we featured in early November featuring one Martin Erzinger, a motorist who left a cyclist for dead after a hit and run incident in the US. READ ON

09/11/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Outrage over US hit-and-run case involving cyclist


If you are rich it can buy you the justice you want it seems.  It can in the US. A quite high profile hit-and-run case involving a cyclist has been making waves on the other side of the Atlantic over the past week after a felony charge was dropped due to the question of whether it would affect the accused’s ability to work in the future. READ ON