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Study seeks “better engineered” bike seats for men


We’ve blogged about how cycling potentially affects the quality of a man’s fertility before but what about male impotence. It is one of those cycling issues that retain an aspect of urban myth with riders unsure really whether long-term bike riding really causes sexual dysfunction in men. READ ON

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Cycling could save the American economy billions


A US-focused study on commuting to work has found that cutting out short car journeys and replacing them with mass transit and active transport such as cycling could yield major health benefits to the American workforce. READ ON

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Commuting by car or public transport can negatively impact health


Ever so occasionally you get these academic health studies that so justifies your reason to commute to work by bike. READ ON

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Soot levels higher for cyclists

Air Pollution Bike

This should really be no surprise but cyclists inhale more than double the amount of black carbon, or soot, than pedestrians. READ ON