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Jail time for man who listed stolen bikes on online classified ads


As you all know, Going Going Bike is the one place where you can be certain that any second hand bike listed for sale by a private seller is legitimately owned by that person. Our Prove It system has resulted in not a single stolen bike being sold on the site since our launch in 2010. READ ON

07/05/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

A London cyclist’s loss: two bikes in one month

Stolen Bicycles

Bikes are at risk from a new kind of thief. Zoe Holman, an Australian PhD student living in London, lost two bikes in April, to two very different professionals. READ ON

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Tracking a stolen bike


I’ve had a bike stolen. I am sure many of you reading this have had one stolen in the past. When my bike was stolen two years ago, I went into a period of mourning for it. In fact I visited Brick Lane to see if I could spot it being sold by the bike gangs that operate on street corners there. READ ON

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London second hand bikes

London second hand bikes

There is now only one place to look for legitimate London second hand bikes and that’s Going Going Bike. There are many other options open to potential buyers both online and offline but none that are cyclist dedicated, anti-theft and provide the same level of service. READ ON