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The forgotten quality of a professional cyclist: Nerve

Nerve of the peloton

The exhilaration as the road drops down in front of you and the bike accelerates away is extraordinary. The speed livens the senses. The thrill is intense. The sense of living on the edge is real; almost addictive. READ ON

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Gran Corsa Ride – the best way to spend 3 weeks in 2011?

Gran Corsa

There are certain activities and characteristics that define a cyclist. I don’t mean a normal cyclist. I mean someone who is obsessed by cycling; who can find interest in anything that relates to two wheels. READ ON

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Tour of Lombardy roundup

Pro Cycling

“Really foul weather” were the words used by Dave Harmon on the Eurosport commentary during Saturday’s Tour of Lombardy. The rain poured down and the peloton was decimated as only 34 out of the 195 riders finished the last big race of the 2010 pro calendar. READ ON