Going Going Bike

Aug 042011

This week we have a brand new company in the Sprint Auction. Pi Squared bikes set out with one mission in mind: to make bikes less expensive and more reliable without sacrificing performance. Sounds like a difficult thing to achieve but not according to the owner. Continue reading »

Jul 092011
Edvard Boassen

There is no better way to end the week than to grab an amazing deal on an amazing product. This week’s winner Loosegoose outlasted slyrich in a tense battle securing himself a Brooks B17 saddle for £41.01. The extra penny proving the decisive difference between the two. Continue reading »

Jul 022011

After a first minute bid, it was looking for a long time as though it was going to be a walk in the park for bensmac. However, Granite and Grahills had other ideas and some frenetic late bidding really brought the Sprint Auction to life. Continue reading »