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Lufthansa modifies exercise bike for the skies


I generally like the flying experience, however long haul flights can be a pain, especially in economy, where there is limited room to stretch your legs and you are sitting in cramp conditions. What if an airline came up with an idea of some form of exercise inflight to really loosen those legs? READ ON

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Freecross – the full body ride


All those who don’t want to have their workouts confined to the four walls of a gym can now add themselves to the numbers grateful to German technology. The Freecross was designed by two Germans and has been available to members of Soho Gyms (the London based gym) who want to take their gym sessions outdoors. READ ON

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Pedal while you work


Long hours in front of a computer would send anyone podgy sorry potty but what if you could combine some form of pedalling exercise while you work at your desk. READ ON