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17/11/2010 // EVENTS, INFO 5 Comments

Lock it or lose it

Lock it or lose it

We all love our bikes. Lots and lots! There are few worse feelings than coming back to find a broken lock and your bike missing. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of bicycles get nicked by bike thieves every year. READ ON

12/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Motorists – Cyclists – Pedestrians

Don't cross

Cyclists complain about motorists (and vice versa). But pedestrians complain about cyclists. Sometimes with good reason! READ ON

11/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Emotive issue: Cyclists face ban on South Bank

Cycle Hire Photo

Can cyclists and pedestrians go about their business together safely? This is the crux of the issue that has generated some astonishing reaction on the Evening Standard website today. READ ON

30/07/2010 // INFO Leave a comment

And we’re off….

Going Going Bike

Thanks to everyone for their support! You’ve already started buying and selling. Our Facebook page has been doubling in size every week. Lots of people have been writing about us. Has been an amazing few weeks!