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03/05/2012 // INFO 1 Comment

Documentary follows para-cycling athletes journey to Olympics


We’re a great supporter of disability cycling here at Going Going Bike and have blogged on the issue in the past. Today, we feature an interesting documentary film project that highlights the demands of para-cycling with the focus on cycling club in particular – The Pirates of Barcelona.  READ ON

14/03/2012 // INFO 2 Comments

Virtual ride aims to raise funds for Spinal Research


A special mention for a charity ride being undertaken by an individual on today’s blog. The ride by Daniel Eley for Spinal Research is not like any normal bike ride as it is being completed via a Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bicycle. READ ON

07/02/2012 // INFO Leave a comment

Hand cycling team take up London to Paris challenge

Hand Cycling

Disability cycling can be tough, tougher than actual cycling in some cases. People with certain disabilities such as spinal injuries use hand cycles, where the power comes from the arms rather than the legs of an individual as on a bicycle. It requires a lot of upper body strength.  READ ON

Prosthetic design aids better cycling for amputee athletes


The awesome design superimposed on Tony Martin’s leg above is a prosthetic designed to make cycling easier for below the knees amputees. Apart from its fantastic look, the prosthetic has an elastomeric band that collects energy while riding, giving the cyclist added muscle strength. READ ON