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Motorists and not just cyclists targetted in safety campaign


A complaint often made by cyclists is that police don’t appear to target motorists for bad driving in the same way that cyclists are targeted on frequent campaigns about breaking traffic laws or other misdemeanors. READ ON

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Woonerf concept finds support among public


Since the 1970s, the Netherlands has strived to introduce shared road space initiatives between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians in city limit zones. One of these concepts, the Woonerf, is a traffic calming initiative that sees a road converted to a paved road with no pavements. READ ON

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Sensor tests trial as airbag system takes next step


Last year, we bought you a blog piece on the Hövding airbag collar, a collar which deploys an airbag in the form of a hood if its in-built sensors detect a potential head impact. Now comes the news that Dutch scientists are starting the development of an airbag system for the outside of cars that may help protect cyclists if a collision occurred. READ ON

16/09/2010 // HOW TO, INFO 1 Comment

Streetbank: perfect for cyclists


45. That’s the number of cycling specific tools required by a cyclist according to “The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance“. It’s a hefty number of tools and many times larger than I (and I suspect you) have to hand. READ ON