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Cycling projects successful in first round LSTF awards


The first cash awards from the UK government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund have been announced with a total of £155m being giving to 39 projects that cover 37 English local authorities. READ ON

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Manchester plans cycle centres to get more people cycling to work


With the death of Cycling England, the Department of Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund has become the main source of funding for any cycling projects that local authorities want to carry out in England. Applications are now being made to the £560m fund and Greater Manchester has become the latest metropolitan authority to unveil its plans. READ ON

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A fond farewell to Cycling England


So today marks the last day of existence for Cycling England and so goes the only government funded body that actively pushed cycling as a mode of transport. READ ON

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Good and bad news for cycling in Budget

Close-up of euro coins spilling out of change purse

Last week saw the latest Budget announcement. Normally, the cycling community wouldn’t batter an eyelid to what the Chancellor announces but there were a couple of titbits that were relevant to cycling this time. READ ON