Going Going Bike

Feb 032012
Bike Theft The Movie

So this morning, Going Going Bike went off to the cinema for an exclusive preview showing of a film in the backstreets of Shoreditch in London. This film didn’t feature Hollywood “A” listers but had the humble bike as the star actor in a short film about cycle theft and how people respond to a theft when they see one taking place right in front of them. Continue reading »

Aug 232011
Credit: hughepaul

“The local church bought us round a cake, and the people upstairs made us some cookies.” No, this is not a village fete, but one of the ways Londoners chose to support their local bike shops recovering from riots.

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Jul 222011
Cycle Task Force

It has been a tough week for the Metropolitan Police in London due to events elsewhere which I am sure you are aware of.  We couldn’t possibly comment on those goings on but at least there has been some good news this week coming from the Metropolitan Police’s Cycle Task Force with has just completed its first year of existence. Continue reading »

Jun 102011
Bicycle Crime Scene

As cyclists, we’ve probably been a victim of bike theft or know someone who has. I’ve had a bicycle nicked, oddly enough from a secure location, which required a code to enter the premises.  Continue reading »