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Brompton Dock set to go nationwide

Brompton Piccadilly

When the Brompton Dock was launched last year at Guildford train station, there were high hopes that the innovative cycle hire system would take off at other stations. Since then, Brompton Dock Ltd, the sister company of Brompton Bicycle, has been busy concluding agreements with train operators to take the system nationwide with 14 locations set to be operational this year. READ ON

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Integrated cycle rail travel gets a boost with £30m funding

Haywards Heath Cycle Hub

We’re not sure about the political timing of this announcement given the recent momentum of The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling campaign but the Government has today announced a £30m package of cycle parking and route developments linked to integrated transport links. READ ON

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Haywards Heath cycle hub points the way for cycle rail

Haywards Heath Cycle Hub

Today marks the opening of Haywards Heath Cycle Hub, a bit of rail station cycling infrastructure that points a positive way forward to how integrated transport should work in this country. READ ON