Going Going Bike

Jun 072011

There is no doubt that London’s Barclays cycle hire scheme has been successful since it launched in July last year. With the opening up of the scheme to casual users in late 2010, the Easter period this year saw casual users hiring out more bikes compared to members of the scheme for the first time. Continue reading »

Apr 082011

Despite being the UK’s second biggest city (and the city of my birth), Birmingham’s cycling facilities are frankly poor and non-existent. When I’ve cycled in the city, I’ve also found a lack of infrastructure to support cycling and traffic that is not used to cyclists on the road. Continue reading »

Mar 282011

There must be something about coastal towns and cycle hire schemes. Blackpool already has a council funded cycle hire system in place, while Brighton & Hove is mulling a scheme. Well it now appears that Portsmouth, another coastal city, is keen to get in on the act. Continue reading »