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19/01/2011 // INFO 3 Comments

Danes test signs that alert cyclists to right turning vehicles


We all know Denmark is the place to go for what is good about cycle infrastructure and it comes as no surprise that one city in the country has been looking at the thorny issue of cycle accidents that involve right-turning vehicles, mainly trucks. READ ON

26/12/2010 // INFO 2 Comments

Ghost Bikes – In Memoriam


As the New Year approaches, it feels appropriate to spare a thought for people who have lost their lives this year to accidents while cycling, not only here in the UK but across the world. READ ON

17/11/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Nearly half of all cycle deaths caused by lorries


As any keen user of a cycle in London will know not a week or two goes by without a newspaper headline involving a cycle death involving a lorry truck. On average about eight cyclists per year are killed by lorries in London, accounting for about half the cyclist deaths in the capital.