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Project aims to encourage the use of bikes to move goods


A European Union funded project begins this month that aims to bring the issue of cycle logistics to the fore and deliver policy improvements in the area. READ ON

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End of the line for NI helmet compulsion law?


Depending on your views on helmet compulsion, this is either good or bad news. It appears that the Parliamentary Bill going through the Northern Ireland Assembly at the moment, which would require cyclists to wear a helmet in any public place in the province, may run out of time to become law. READ ON

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CTC and Sustrans urge cyclists to sign helmet petition


The two major organisations that promote cycling in the UK, the CTC and Sustrans, have joined forces to launch a petition against proposed legislation in Northern Ireland which would require cyclists to wear a helmet in any public place. READ ON

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A cycling tale of two cities


The cities of Cambridge and York are running a Cycling Challenge from March 14 to April 3 to see which city can encourage the most new cyclists to ride a bike during the challenge period. READ ON

16/08/2010 // INFO Redbridge Sky Ride