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Cycle safety takes centre stage in parliamentary debate

Cycle Safety Debate

The campaign for better safety protection for cyclists and increased investment in cycling infrastructure of recent weeks rolled into parliament yesterday with a debate at Westminster Hall on issues surrounding cycling in the UK. READ ON

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Cycle safety debate reaches Parliament

London Cycle Protest

Going Going Bike along with 2,000 cyclists attended the Flashride to the Houses of Parliament yesterday that sought to highlight the strength of cyclists’ feelings in London and elsewhere about cycle safety in this country. READ ON

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Making urban roads safer to cycle on will encourage more people to cycle


As we build up to the Parliamentary debate on cycling safety on Thursday, sustainable transport charity Sustrans has pulled together some interesting survey research on the back of The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling campaign. READ ON

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Cycle safety debate builds momentum

Cities fit for Cycling

What a few weeks it has been for the issue of cyclist safety. Alongside The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling campaign and some of the positive momentum from it, we’ve had a raft of good news stories about cycle safety this week. READ ON