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Man plays at being Santa Claus in annual bike giveaway

Fayetteville Bicycle Giveaway

Santa Claus may not exist (apologies if this is news to you) but there is one man in the US who arguably could qualify for the role for his astounding humanitarian work READ ON

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Shop sells customer’s bike

Bike Outside Shop

The following story from Sweden is funny in a way though I’m sure the ladies involved were not exactly laughing at the time. Having cycled to a second-hand charity shop in Gävle in eastern Sweden, two friends found that the charity shop had sold one of their bicycles while they were inside shopping. READ ON

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Video of Little Rock and their work in Kibera

ACA 2012 Cycle Challenge

A short while ago we gave a shout out to the Able Child Africa 2012 Cycle Tour from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro. It will be an amazing ride and also provide an opportunity to see some of the important work that Able Child Africa supports in the region. READ ON

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Mission Malawi 400km, 10 days. A challenge like no other

Mission Malawi

Mission Malawi is a ride set up by Les Pratt, who back in 2004 couldn’t find a ride that raised money for HIV/AIDS and wasn’t the usual boring route of London to Paris. As a result he set up his own ride that takes riders 400km on dirt roads through Malawi. READ ON