Going Going Bike

May 162012
Tour de Latitude

Some weeks ago we brought you news of the Tour de Latitude an organised ride set up by the Give2Go organisation to try and encourage festival goers to cycle their way to the Latitude music and arts festival in Henham Park, Suffolk. Thanks to Give2Go and Latitude promoters Festival Republic, we have a pair of tickets to give away for the Tour De Latitude ride and the full four days of The Latitude Festival. Continue reading »

Apr 162012
Tour de Latitude

With summer approaching the up-coming musical festival season will be up and running with events starting from May onwards. Over recent years, the more environmental friendly of promoters and organisers have been encouraging festival goers to cycle to their events by offering secure cycle parking facilities and dedicated campsites for cyclists. Continue reading »

Feb 072012
Hand Cycling

Disability cycling can be tough, tougher than actual cycling in some cases. People with certain disabilities such as spinal injuries use hand cycles, where the power comes from the arms rather than the legs of an individual as on a bicycle. It requires a lot of upper body strength.  Continue reading »

Feb 012012
Auction items Cycle a DifferenceNewborns Vietnam

With just over a week to go in our charity auction for charity partner Cycle a Difference/Newborns Vietnam, the great news is that we have added loads more items to the auction with some more donations from people in the cycling industry. Continue reading »

Dec 132011
Helen Skelton

Anyone watching the recent Frozen Planet series on BBC 1 will realise that attempting to get to the South Pole is no easy task. Since the first explorer, Norway’s Roald Amundsen, reached the geographic South Pole in 1911, there have been countless other successful attempts but never someone using a bike to get there. Continue reading »