Going Going Bike

Jun 012012
Bike marking

The importance of cyclists registering their bike details on a cycle register website has been highlighted this week by the Metropolitan Police’s Cycle Task Force. They managed to reunite an owner with his stolen Brompton bike after finding he had registered the serial number of his bike and coded markings on a cycle register site. Continue reading »

Mar 282012
Brompton Piccadilly

When the Brompton Dock was launched last year at Guildford train station, there were high hopes that the innovative cycle hire system would take off at other stations. Since then, Brompton Dock Ltd, the sister company of Brompton Bicycle, has been busy concluding agreements with train operators to take the system nationwide with 14 locations set to be operational this year. Continue reading »

Dec 082011

Today we have a guest blog from Michael Frogley. Michael has designed the BikeBox, an indoor storage solution for a folded Brompton Bicycle (see picture above), and is now taking the product to market. We think it is a unique product that already has a listing at the Velorution shop in London. In this blog, Michael explains how he came up with the idea. Continue reading »

Nov 072011
How to sell my bike

In those quiet moments when you are looking lovingly at your bike stood against the wall, do you ever wonder to yourself, “how much is my bike worth?” It’s not an easy thing to know or determine.  There is no guide for used bike prices that could give you useful pointers on the perfect price for your bike as there is, for example, for used cars. Continue reading »