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BMX theft victim tracks down mugger on Facebook


The number of cyclists being mugged for their bikes is unfortunately a rising bike crime statistic but one recent victim refused to take the experience of being bike mugged lying down and helped to alert Police to the mugger after finding the mugger’s profile on Facebook. READ ON

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The BMX can be a force for change

BMX on the road

Today we have a guest blog from self-confessed BMX fan Laura Ginn. Laura writes here on why the re-emergence in the appeal of the BMX bike could be just the ticket to tackle childhood obesity. Laura is the editor of Extreme Sports X, an online site that features articles and news stories about bikes and extreme sports. READ ON

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Disability and cycling


For a person with a physical disability, mobility is valued more than most as it can provide an escape from an often sedentary lifestyle. Cycling provides a great outlet for disabled people because it offers just that. READ ON

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How to stop a bike thief 70s style


As the senior member of the Going Going Bike team, I’m old enough to remember Public Information Films of the 1970s. These generally low budget low quality short films were government commissioned films on a particular subject that ranged from issues such as surviving a nuclear attack, protecting the environment, to crime prevention. READ ON