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Hunt that bike

Virgin Mobile Bike

As anyone who has done a treasure/scavenger hunt in their life will testify they are extremely a fun thing to do. Therefore it is no surprise, a clever marketing person would come up with a campaign that introduces elements of a scavenger hunt to promote a brand.  READ ON

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New law in Cyprus will take fun out of cycling

No hands

There will be no showing off while riding with no hands in Cyprus in the near future if a draft bill on cycling responsibilities there becomes law in the future. READ ON

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A Trike we like


We love anything bicycle wheel-based here at Going Going Bike, it doesn’t matter how many wheels the contraption has, we will feature it. So having featured a unicycle and of course the two wheeled bicycle variety many a time, we’re featuring our first blog on three wheels. READ ON

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No Logo return to the Sprint Auction

Purple yellow

Returning to the Sprint Auction this week are No Logo bikes. Their colourful single speed/fixie bikes have been causing quite a stir and last month’s auction was no exception. With over 70 bids from 13 different bidders it remains our most popular Sprint Auction to date. READ ON