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Web series looks to catch a bike thief

To Catch a Bike Thief

There is nothing more we like than making life hard for bike thieves here on Going Going Bike, so we wholeheartedly support the funding project of a group of Canadian cyclists who want to create a series of web-based TV programmes called “To Catch a Bike Thief”. READ ON

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Bikers stalked before homes targeted for thefts

Bike shed

Bike crime appears to be mirroring the practices of organised criminal behaviour with news from Bristol that mountain bike owners there are being targeted by criminals for burglaries/thefts of bikes within their own homes.  READ ON

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Bike crime at railway stations

Bike Parking at a Train Station

Leaving your bike at a railway station is not without its risks. A lot of work has gone into making bike parking at railway stations secure but it won’t stop a determined thief given the range of bikes on offer. Responsibility for tackling bike crime and catching bike thieves at railway stations falls on the British Transport Police. READ ON

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Bike crime doesn’t always pay


Bike theft is never quite a one or two man operation. There is usually a web of criminals involved from the original theft to selling on stolen bikes and in some cases organised gangs operate in cities. So, it is always good to hear about bike crime convictions particularly when it involves systematic criminality on a grand scale. READ ON