Going Going Bike

Mar 192012

Bike theft is never quite a one or two man operation. There is usually a web of criminals involved from the original theft to selling on stolen bikes and in some cases organised gangs operate in cities. So, it is always good to hear about bike crime convictions particularly when it involves systematic criminality on a grand scale. Continue reading »

Feb 032012
Bike Theft The Movie

So this morning, Going Going Bike went off to the cinema for an exclusive preview showing of a film in the backstreets of Shoreditch in London. This film didn’t feature Hollywood “A” listers but had the humble bike as the star actor in a short film about cycle theft and how people respond to a theft when they see one taking place right in front of them. Continue reading »

Jan 202012

As you all know, Going Going Bike is the one place where you can be certain that any second hand bike listed for sale by a private seller is legitimately owned by that person. Our Prove It system has resulted in not a single stolen bike being sold on the site since our launch in 2010. Continue reading »