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Shop sells customer’s bike

Bike Outside Shop

The following story from Sweden is funny in a way though I’m sure the ladies involved were not exactly laughing at the time. Having cycled to a second-hand charity shop in Gävle in eastern Sweden, two friends found that the charity shop had sold one of their bicycles while they were inside shopping. READ ON

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Pensioner fights off bike thieves


An OAP managed to fight off a gang of bike thieves in Coventry this week after an eight man gang flooded a bike shop to try and steal bikes in the showroom. READ ON

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Beginners guide to commuting by bike


If you’ve never ridden a bike to work on a regular basis commuting by bike can bring up many challenges. Having worked from home for a number of years, I travelled into Going Going Bike office’s in London by bike for the whole of the last week, experiencing the many trials and tribulations of the early morning and evening cycle commute for the first time. READ ON

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Cycle industry in the state of a wheel revolution


With the year almost at an end it’s a good time to reflect on the strength of Britain’s bicycle industry as we approach 2011. READ ON