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01/06/2012 // INFO Leave a comment

It pays to get your bike marked and registered

Bike marking

The importance of cyclists registering their bike details on a cycle register website has been highlighted this week by the Metropolitan Police’s Cycle Task Force. They managed to reunite an owner with his stolen Brompton bike after finding he had registered the serial number of his bike and coded markings on a cycle register site. READ ON

08/12/2011 // INFO Leave a comment

Lord Sugar suggests ID for cyclists


Interesting comments from Lord Sugar this afternoon in a debate in the House of Lords on current cycling laws. Lord Sugar, who is a keen cyclist, and known more these days for the BBC Show The Apprentice, suggested that the government should consider allowing the police to confiscate the bikes of cyclists who do not carrying identification documents. READ ON

04/11/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

The importance of bike frame numbers

Frame Numbers

Put your hand up if you have kept a record of your bicycle frame number? I don’t hold out much hope for your hand being thrust into the air. Not only because that would be daft (we are not in a classroom) but more likely because statistically it is extremely unlikely that you will know your bike’s serial number, let alone have written it down and kept it somewhere safe. READ ON