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The modern hobby horse bike

Fliz 2

The James Dyson Award (he of the Dyson Vacuum cleaner fame) is an annual design competition that runs in 18 countries. Run by the James Dyson Foundation, its mission is to encourage the next generation of design engineers to be creative, challenge and invent. READ ON

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The bike that has storage space built into the frame

DL122 Peugeot

Last year we brought you news of a single speed bike that had an attached Samsung 10.1 tablet holder on it as part of the design of the bike. At the time, we commented that a tablet being on a bike was a little bizarre and it just looked plain odd. READ ON

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Flexing the possibilities of bike design


Wood bike frames are not new. Bamboo frame bikes have been made commercially by a number of companies for some time.  Now one designer, taking his cue from furniture design, has developed a bike frame made of plywood.


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Designer bikes


A bike hire scheme with a difference has been launched in London. Fear not Boris, this scheme will not be challenging your mighty Barclays Boris Bikes empire as it is only open to the most discerning fashionistas (and rich ones at that) among us. READ ON

06/08/2011 // INFO, STYLE Plastic fantastic?