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21/08/2012 // INFO 2 Comments

Owner exacts full revenge on bike thief


We know people go to extraordinary lengths to recover a stolen bicycle. We have featured some of these stories here on Going Going Bike over the last couple of years.  READ ON

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Tricycle riding 10-year old charged for bike theft


We’re always keen to bring you bike crime stories here on Going Going Bike but the following story of a bike theft by a tricycle-riding 10-year old is probably the most bizarre story we’ve ever brought you. This is no April Fool either, it actually happened in the US last week. READ ON

27/03/2012 // INFO 1 Comment

Bike crime at railway stations

Bike Parking at a Train Station

Leaving your bike at a railway station is not without its risks. A lot of work has gone into making bike parking at railway stations secure but it won’t stop a determined thief given the range of bikes on offer. Responsibility for tackling bike crime and catching bike thieves at railway stations falls on the British Transport Police. READ ON

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Remorseful thief returns stolen bike

Drunk Note

Ok, bike theft is no joke, but the following little story from the US did make us chuckle not least as there is a happy ending to the story. READ ON